Tuesday, 27 October 2009

In & Out No3

Ok girls, it is that time of the month again. Right before payday :)


Bioderma Node S Concentrated Restruturing Mask for dry, damaged hair - Wow! What can I say about this product. It conditons my hair and leaves it shiny and tangle-free. And to my surprise it volumizes too. My hair hasn't been in such a good condition for a long time.

Le Petit Marseillais Zeste Fraicheur - This 3 Euro spray keeps my hair fresh in between washes. It has the scent of sweet almonds.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Moisturising Fluid - I rediscovered this gem as part of my "using up random half used products project." It is the perfect base under my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser in the winter months. Watch out for a separate post about all of the random products that I am trying to use up.

Make Up Forever HD Elixir - Love love love (see my review post).

Make Up Forever Glossy Full Couleur No7 - My love of this product is making me want to use up all of my Nars lipglosses so I can replace them with MUFE Glossy Fulls!

Yves Rocher Creamy Kohl - Think MAC Feline (but longer lasting) in Pure Cosmetics Kohl packaging.

MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder in Accentuate/Sculpt - I have started using this almost daily and I love it. It only takes a minute to contour my face with my #109 brush.

MAC Cream Colour Base in Black - I swipe this over my eyelids for a smudgey, slept in eye look and rim with eyeliner. Makes for a fast and simple going out look.


Bioderma Restructuring Cream Shampoo for very dry and damaged hair - Love the mask, hate the shampoo. I find it very hard to get a lot of lather and it smells of hair dye.

Toting around a huge make up bag with 1000 lipsticks - I have downsized to my cute Paper Planes one which contains just the essentuals (i.e tinted moisturiser, blot powder, a couple of eyeliners and lip products).

The fr-freezing(!) cold weather here in London - Makes me want to not get out of bed in the mornings :(

Bisous -x-

Monday, 19 October 2009

Haulin' in Lyon part two & Bioderma review

You might recall over the summer I changed my skincare regime from Clarins to Bioderma. After three months of using the products I think now is the right time to review them.

It all started with Crealine H20 which is a non-rinse micellaire make up remover. I can't believe when I lived in Paris I used to walk past this on the shelf and use some random make up remover wipes (basically whatever was on special offer!)
Crealine H20 is soap and perfume free, it is also PH neutral. It removes all of my make up easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without being stripped.

I was so impressed I decided try more products from Bioderma. I replaced my Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Bioderma Crealine DS Purifying Cleanser and I replaced my Clarins Hydraquench Cooling Cream Gel with Bioderma Crealine DS Cream Dermo-Brevete. Both of these products are designed to specifically target dry skin on the sides of the nose, on the cheeks and on the chin. Like the Crealine H20, the cleanser is soap and perfume free and PH neutral. It also has the same feeling of leaving my skin feeling clean without being stripped. The cream has a very light formula (it almost turns into the consistancy of the Crealine H2O) but is surprisingly very moisturising. I use it as both a day and night cream.

Whilst picking up backups of these products in Lyon, I also bought Bioderma Restructuring Cream Shampoo for dry & damaged hair and Concentrated Restructuring Mask for very dry & damaged hair. I will do a review of these products very soon.

The lady in the pharmacy very kindly gave me a bunch of samples, including a face mask which I can't wait to try out.

If you do not live in France and would lke to try out Bioderma products, don't worry you can order from http://www.leguidesante.co.uk/ I had no problems ordering from this website in August and they have some kind of points system too.
Bioderma products are split into three categories:
Red is for sensitive-dry skin
Blue is for very dry skin
Green is for oily skin

Part three of my Lyon haul is coming up soon.

Bisous -x-

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Obsession du jour: Studs

I've bought a lot of studded items throughout the year. Shoes, jeans, shorts, tops and now bags...

The larger bag is £38 from Topshop and the clutch is £20 from Urban Outfitters.

Since I went to Paris in August I am dreaming of a studded bag from Lancel. I would describe Lancel as the French version of Mulberry. I do hope the Pound/Euro exchange rate returns to normal soon so I can buy it. It is around 800 Euros, so it is more or less £800.

Whilst in Printemps (a major department store) in Lyon, I saw a cute leopard print pochette from Sonia Rykiel. I was trying to be really good and not spend all of my money on day one, so I waited until the last day to go back and buy it... but it had sold out :( My husband is going to Paris next weekend so I've asked him to check if it is in stock at the Printemps there. I hope he returns to London with the correct one.

Bisous -x-

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Haulin' in Lyon Part 1 (Sephora) & Make Up Forever product raves

This is what I picked up from Sephora in the second city of France...

(From L-R)

Make Up Forever HD Elixir - this is something I've been wanting to try since its release in the States. It has only just been released in France, which is strange because Make Up Forever is a French company. I would say it is the French equivalent of MAC. It is described as an "innovative serum that instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin. The breakthrough formula was specifically created to smooth and prepare the skin for high definition make up." It goes on to say that "D-Panthenol and Glycerin ensure HD Elixir provides and immediate boost of hydration (+520% after 15 minutes) that lasts throughout the day (+175% after 6 hours)."

No matter how much I moisturise, I have really dry skin on the sides of my nose (gross!) so I have to use a serum post-moisturiser, pre tinted moisturiser. I have been using this every day since I purchased it and I can say that it definitely keeps my skin hydrated all day long. It is a lightweight formula that only takes about a minute to absorb. You only get 12ml or 0.40fl.oz for 29 Euros but there is a dropper in the lid so none of the product should get wasted.

Make Up Forever Brush Cleanser - I bought this randomly. I haven't tried it out yet.

Make Up Forever Glossy Full Couleur in #7 Pale Pink - Another product I picked up randomly but I am so glad that I did. This is the most moisturising, non-sticky, non-plastic tasting gloss I have ever tried. Forget about Nars Turkish Delight and try this instead. I have crossed Dolce & Gabbana's Candy off my wishlist and replaced it with MUFE #8 Peach & #10 Pinky Peach.

Sephora Retractable Powder Brush - I just got this to throw in my bag to use with my MAC Blot Powder.

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in #1L Star Black - I repurchased this as I have nearly used up the one I got in Paris in August. This is my go to eyeliner of the moment, it is quick and easy to apply and lasts all day.

Back to my love of Make Up Forever. Out of all of the products I have tried from this brand (around 10) I have not been disapointed. If you have any MUFE product recommendations please let me know. Apart from the lipglosses, I am interested in purchasing the HD kabuki brush, the double-ended sculpting brush and Aquablack Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow.

Part 2 of my haul is from the Pharmacy, Monoprix beauty section and Yves Rocher.

Bisous -x-

Sephora to make a comeback in the UK...? :)

So word is that Sephora and Marks & Spencer are in talks about operating Sephora within their stores. Mmm if it goes ahead it certainly would be a breakthrough, but something in Oxford Street or Regent Street on the scale of the flagship Champs Elysees store is what I'm praying for. You can join the Facebook group at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4356233675

Demand for Sephora in the UK would be huge because the shopping experience there is unique compared to Boots and even Space NK and the beauty halls of major department stores.

I'm lucky enough to visit my family in France every few months so I can hit Sephora for my fix then. But the thought of Sephora in the UK makes me wonder how minimal my French hauls would be :)

Bisous -x-

Elle UK

I get a lot of inspiration from Elle UK magazine's online beauty gallery. It features photos of catwalk and celebrity make up looks and hairstyles. Check it out at: http://www.elleuk.com/beauty

Bisous -x-

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Shopping in London...

LONDON is my hometown and although I sometimes get jaded, it has the best shopping in the world in terms of HIGH STREET.

Probably 50% of my wardrobe is TOPSHOP. I wouldn't say there is a method to shopping there, I just randomly come across cool items that fit in with the rest of my wardrobe - most recently BRETON TOPS and a STUDDED SWEATSHIRT tres Gagaesque! I love TOPSHOP SHOES! You can find CLASSIC SHOES with a MODERN TAKE or STATEMENT SHOES. I occasionally also find some cool ACCESSORIES - BAGS, STATEMENT JEWELLERY and TIGHTS.

My second main shop is URBAN OUTFITTERS. Again my finds there are all very random - most recently STUDDED and LEOPARD PRINT BALLET PUMPS and JEWELLERY. I have got my eye on a SARA BERMAN PRINCESS COAT there. Bring on the sales!




For BEAUTY I go to BOOTS because I can get POINTS on my ADVANTAGE CARD for FREEBIES. If I can't find a certain product in BOOTS then I go to SUPERDRUG. SELFRIDGES has the best BEAUTY HALL ever and I love SPACE NK too.

Where do you shop in your hometown or places that you travel to?
SHOPPING IN PARIS coming up shortly. Bisous -x-

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Review: Mac DSquared Sculpt & Shape Powders

I personally prefer the Accentuate/Sculpt duo pictured below. But I think I will get the most use out of the highlighter side of both of the duos, although it wasn't really necessary for me to purchase both. I think this product is perfect if you don't want to contour with a bronzer. It is winter now in Europe and I personally don't like to use too much bronzer in the winter.

(Pale peach/pink shimmer highlighter and cool matte brown contour powder)

Bone Beige/Emphasise
(Pale cream light shimmer highlighter and reddish brown contouring powder)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Mac Style Black & DSquared haul


I haven't been so excited about a Mac collection since Hello Kitty in March, but my wallet is feeling the pain. These collections are great for someone like me who likes to keep my look smokey and simple.

I bought a lot more than I thought I would from Style Black...

From L-R: Cream Color Base in Black, Gilt by Association eyeshadow, Young Punk eyeshadow & Greasepaint Stick.

So far I have tried out everything, except for Young Punk because I didn't take it to France with me. I love using the Cream Color Base and Greasepaint Stick as a base under Gilt by Association (or any other eyeshadow) or by themselves for a smudgy, smokey effect. Think morning after eyes.

Moving on to DSquared...

From L-R: Lip Erase, Sculpt & Shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize, Sculpt & Shape Powder in Accentuate/Sculpt & 2 Feline Khol Powers.

I have always wanted to get my hands on Lip Erase. At the moment I am exprimenting with it. I haven't had the chance to use the Sculpt & Shape Powders yet. Feline Khol Power is one of my all-time favourite Mac products. I don't understand why Mac doesn't include them in their permanent line. But I read on Temptalia that they will be coming out again in a collection in December/January.

Bisous -x-

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Salut from Lyon!


Just to let you know that I have three hauls coming up... Style Black, DSquared and Sephora/French pharmacy.

I am enjoying Lyon very much, the weather is sunny, the food is good, the bars are just under the apartment and the shops are just around the corner... and the best thing...

This little cutie is Bassam. She is a two year old French Bulldog. She likes: homeless people, carrots, jumping from sofa to sofa, swimming in the bath & beating up her brother Berlioz. She hates: being ignored, pedicures & when Berlioz is mean to her.

Here is a photo of Bassam & Berlioz together with their portrait...

I am tempted to leave all my hauls in France to make space in my suitcase for these cuties :)

Bisous -x-