Sunday, 14 November 2010

New Shoes

At a time when I should really be buying boots or at least winter appropriate shoes, these are my two latest shoe purchases...

I pray for summer or at least a vacation so I can where these. I finally tracked down where to purchase Camomilla online. I got these on sale from around 60euros to 19euros from a French website called I actually wanted these shoes in the black ballet pump version but they were sold out. The shoebox they came in is soooooooo cute I just had to show you. I am thinking of keeping my nail polish collection in there.

As for this pair, at least they are waterproof so much more glamourous than wellington boots. They are from one of my favourite shoe brands called Melissa. A fact about this brand is that their shoes are bubblegum scented. They must of double-sprayed these shoes because my colleagues could actually smell bubblegum in the office! These were on sale (not by alot though) for £56 on

Bisous -x-

Forever bag

(£375 from

This Anya Hindmarch "Maeve" bag was a belated birthday present from my husband. I say belated because it took two months after my birthday and a small drama at Mulberry in Stansted Airport to choose what bag I wanted. I am fan of Anya Hindmarch bags because they are classic and functional. This bag is three bags in one because you can unclip the crossbody strap and make it shorter to use as a shoulder bag or you can tuck the strap in and use the bag as an oversized clutch. It truly is a forever bag and that is what I look for in a bag rather than the latest Louis Vuitton or Gucci, which will sure to be dated in the next season.

My favourite bag designers are Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch, Manoush (it's a French contemporary clothing brand but the it carries nice bags too most seasons) and Lancel (I would say this is the French equivalent to Mulberry and not easy to find outside of France I believe).

Bisous -x-

Friday, 12 November 2010

Je suis desole...

Its been a long time since I have blogged. A number of factors made me quit for a while... a busy job, travel and I was not really certain about blogging. But I'm back with a new outlook on my blog. I intend to show you what my latest purchase are whether it be make up, beauty products, accessories or Hello Kitty stuff... and maybe throw a little of my travels in too.

During my absence from blogging I went on a trip to Toronto, New York & Chicago. It was my first time to visit Ulta where I bought lots of nail polish! I also went back and forth to France visiting various cities and stocking up on Bioderma products.

At the moment, I haven't really been buying make up (except nail polish) as I've been trying to use up some of what I already own. Its satisfying to use a product up. Later I might do a post on what I've used up.

So I hope you will find this new approach to my blog interesting and continue to follow.

Bisous -x-

Forever21 hits the UK!

I'm soooooooo excited! Finally Forever21 has hit the UK! I have been waiting for this moment for years! And for those of us who do not live in Birmingham or Dublin, a website will be launched soon so stay tuned.

Bisous -x-