Sunday, 14 November 2010

New Shoes

At a time when I should really be buying boots or at least winter appropriate shoes, these are my two latest shoe purchases...

I pray for summer or at least a vacation so I can where these. I finally tracked down where to purchase Camomilla online. I got these on sale from around 60euros to 19euros from a French website called I actually wanted these shoes in the black ballet pump version but they were sold out. The shoebox they came in is soooooooo cute I just had to show you. I am thinking of keeping my nail polish collection in there.

As for this pair, at least they are waterproof so much more glamourous than wellington boots. They are from one of my favourite shoe brands called Melissa. A fact about this brand is that their shoes are bubblegum scented. They must of double-sprayed these shoes because my colleagues could actually smell bubblegum in the office! These were on sale (not by alot though) for £56 on

Bisous -x-

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