Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fall wishlist...

I'm trying to cut back on the amount of make up that I buy over the next couple of months. I think I did really well in Paris - I only went into Sephora twice.

These are the products I am interested in purchasing during the fall...

Chanel Eye Gloss - I swatched this when I was in Paris and it was love at first sight. At £38.50 in the UK, its expensive. I'm trying to save up my Boots advantage card points for this baby. At the moment I'm on £10 worth of points and as I'm trying to cut down on my monthly Boots spend by using up all the half full random shampoos, conditioners, self tanning creams etc laying around my fla t so it might take me longer than usual to reach the amount of points needed to make this purchase. It is limited edition so I might just give in and purchase it at the airport when I go on holiday next month.

Dolce & Gabbana lipgloss in Candy - Back in the spring I was mesmorised by Scarlett Johansson's lips in the advertising billboards. I thought the colour was so perfect her lips must have been digitally enhanced. When I eventually made it to the D&G counter at Selfridges I asked the MUA about Scarlett's lips, she laughed and told me that she gets asked that question 1000 times a day. Her lips weren't enhanced, Candy was used but its sold out until 1st September.

There are two products I'm interested in getting from the MAC Style Black collection. The greasepaint stick in black and the #214 short shader brush. The MAC collection I'm really holding out for is D Squared 2. I want to get the lip erase, gloss texture, both of the sculpt and shape powders and about 10 feline khol powers :)

Apart from those products, there are a couple of MAC face brushes I want to get to complete my collection and I want to buy a shimmery navy and dark grey eyeshadow for a non-black smoky look - any suggestions?

Today was payday so I purchased some Bioderma products from I will do a review of them at some point.

Have a good bank holiday weekend.

Bisous -x-

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