Monday, 28 September 2009

Update & In & Out No3

Sorry I haven't bee able to update my blog, I have been studying for a test last Friday. I am back to France on Saturday for two weeks. This time I will be staying in Lyon. Apart from stocking up on the usual goodies over there, the only other product I am interested in purchasing is Make Up Forever HD Elixir. Its basically a serum that is supposed to keep dry skin hydrated.

I'm waiting in anticipation for Mac Style Black & DSquared to launch in the UK. There is a lot I want from those collections so its going to hit my wallet hard :)

Here are the goods and bads of September...


I'm still hitting pans and using up all of the random hair and skincare products around my flat.

Reaching over £28 worth of points on my Boots advantage card - Chanel Eye Gloss is almost mine, for free! :)

A new haircut - my hair really damaged from going from brunette to blonde. So I'm following the beauty blogger mantra: "You've got to cut it to grow it."

Going on holiday of course :)


Soap & Glory Hair Supply - this totally dried out my hair.

L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof mascara - this did't have the same effect as the regular one.

Bisous -x-

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